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Students are invited to take exams in Ballet, Modern & Tap when deemed ready by their teacher.


Exams are not compulsory but those that do choose to take them will benefit from gaining valuable UCAS points towards university entry.


The examining boards RAD and ISTD give recommended hours of study towards each level. Recommended hours for even the lowest levels are approximately 1 academic year of classes. As the difficulty increases, so should the time spent at that level.


Teachers will continually assess pupils throughout their lessons and when a teacher feels an individual or group is performing at the required level you will receive the necessary exam entry information.


The examining boards do set minimum age requirements for each level, so we can only offer exams to those students that meet these requirments. To be entered at the first level students must have reached 5yrs old by the required date.

Exam sessions 2020 ...


All exam dates to be confirmed


Parents are notified via email when students are ready to be considered for an examination with full details of extra coaching and costs.